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Crazy Fanfics is an Undertale AU that’s a crossover with pretty much everything. Anyone can join at any time. How things work in there is confusing since characters can actually see the threads on occasion and even have battles in them, but it doesn’t really operate on logic anyways. While normally very light-hearted, Crazy Fanfics can have some darker aspects show up (see some of Mercy’s characters for a clear as day example).

Crazy Fanfics is owned by every User on it. They all have equal ownership of the AU. However, canon information can only be confirmed in a story thread and not outside of it (aside from character wiki pages made by the Users who introduced the characters (Ex: User1204 and TT Chara) or were basically given them (Ex: Mercy with Mercinide, who was introduced by DoFT)

(Note: If a User says something outside of a story thread or wiki page is canon, then it is as long as it applies to a character they introduced or basically we’re given. For example: Mercy has confirmed that CF Error’s Undernet posts she makes on a roleplay forum are canon)

No swearing.

No NSFW stuff.

No Godmodding

No killing off characters

And No editing information into pages that hasn’t been confirmed canon unless you created that character (the Crazy Fanfics version, at least).

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